May 10, 2016

Day Twenty-One: When Life Gives You Pork Chops...

...make a mashed potato sandwich? Life doesn't always work out the way you think it will, and at those times, it's good to think on your toes. I had another dinner meltdown on Monday night, when my pork chops that were supposed to be delicious turned out to be, well, inedible. Not actually inedible, but just not very tasty, and thus inedible to me in my journey to not make myself miserable. I don't like eating things I don't like (uh?), and forcing myself to just makes me want Cheetos. So after deciding I wouldn't eat a big portion of my dinner...or lunch or dinner the next day...or lunch the day after that, I had to decide how I was going to make up those missing calories.

On Monday night, I ate my peas and mashed potatoes wrapped up in a sourdough roll. Mashed potato sandwich, y'all. One of my favorite foods as a kid. Yesterday for lunch, I really did just eat peas and mashed potatoes. It was sad and I was hungry, but I didn't run to my boss's office looking for candy. I dealt with it. For dinner, I fried up my mashed potatoes in a teaspoon of butter and made mashed potato pancakes, and cooked some hot dogs to go along with them. And from there, yep, hot dogs. Hot dogs are the quick and easy solution to the question of "Where do I get 200 calories from?!" They're there, they're easy, and sure, they're not the best for you, but they work in a pinch and they sure are tasty. I love the Applegate Naturals beef hot dogs. They are like hot dog heaven. But they're pretty expensive, and they don't sell them at the Sprouts where I shop for groceries. So I've been buying a brand called Coleman, which is still uncured, and still pretty good. Not as good as Applegate, but not bad by any means.

Remember a couple of weeks ago, or maybe even last week, I don't remember...but anyway, remember when I Noted To Self to have some emergency foods ready for when dinner doesn't work out? Well I never followed through on that, but thank goodness hot dogs come in packs of 8 and I only planned on eating 4 this week. On an additional note, I think I'm going to forgo attempting to cook pork chops anymore. I just don't seem to enjoy them, no matter how I cook them. They're cheap, but that's the only thing they've got going for them, in my eyes at least. Chicken is cheep (!) cheap too, and it doesn't make me sad whenever I try to eat it.

Go chicken! Down with pork! Except bacon. Always bacon.