May 7, 2016

Day Eighteen: The Second Weigh-In and Week In Review

Another week, another weigh-in. Let's just jump right in.

This week was great, until I went to grocery store two hours ago. I thought, I've been so good this week, I'm going to reward myself with some junk food. And do you know what junk food I chose? Have you read my previous posts? Can you guess? Of course, it was Red Vines. And while the plan was to just eat a serving, anyone who has ever tried to give up any sort of vice knows how that goes. So tonight I had Red Vines for dinner. I didn't want more leftovers anyway.

But really, until ten minutes ago, I was doing really well. The biggest hurdle was Cinco de Mayo, for which we had a party at work. I decided to bring my own lunch, which was the Saucy Chicken Taco Meat with rice, and added just a little bit of carne asada and tortilla chips from the catered food. Of course, I counted my tortilla chips, guesstimated the ounces of asada, and added them to my nutrition tracker on SparkPeople. Just like I added this entire carton of Red Vines to my tracker. Damn it, Red Vines!

I stuck with my plan for the week, 4.5 miles walked, 20 minutes of yoga, 92 minutes total. Next week I want to fit another session of yoga in, maybe on Monday. Things are going well with the 5K training, and I am on track to meet my (measly) goal of 53 minutes. Yes, that is slow. No, I don't care. The last couple years I've run out the gate screaming bloody faster trying to improve my times, which always resulted in some injury or another, which I would just ignore, make worse, and then I would fail miserably at making any time goal. This year, I'm taking it slow, and not pushing myself harder than I feel comfortable with.

I was honestly worried again about this morning's weigh-in. Like, why do I always eat the most terrible foods of the week for dinner on Friday night, when I know I have to weigh myself on Saturday morning? First it was a giant plate of (oh my gosh amazing) pasta. And this week it was "fried" chicken, which didn't actually turn out in any way, shape, or form like it was supposed to, but was still pretty good. And French fries! Who eats French fries the night before a weigh-in? Apparently I do, and apparently it worked, because I am down 1.2 pounds this week, weighing in at 232.9. Another high-five, and then a nap, because those Red Vines made me tired.