May 14, 2016

Day Twenty-Five: The Third Weigh-In and Week in Review

Oh hey there, Saturday. Nice to see you. Really, really, really nice. Seriously, I've been waiting for this Saturday to arrive since about 8pm last Sunday. As soon as I think, "I have to go to work tomorrow," my next thought is, "When is Saturday?" I know they say Do what you love and all that, but that doesn't always pay the rent, so I am stuck having a day job until I become a superstar blogger, not that that will ever happen.

But even though this week felt longer than most, and I was stressed and upset through most of it, I still stuck (mostly) to my plan for the week. I think the stress even helped me get more exercise in, because I used yoga as a way to calm myself down after work. I was a yoga rock star this week. I'm still terrible at it, but I tried and that's what counts, okay?

Here's this week in review:

You know how sometimes your brain just isn't functioning correctly? Especially when you're having a crappy day/week? That happened to me this Wednesday, when I had two brain farts that ultimately lead to me having to make some adjustments to my nutrition. First, I failed to read the recipe I was making closely, and added 1.5 pounds of ground beef to my meal instead of just half a pound. Oops. So first I had to adjust all that extra ground beef into Spark People and see how badly I had messed up. Turns out it wasn't so bad, because it's an all-around healthy dish anyway, so I actually needed the additional calories.

Then I forgot to take the chicken out of the freezer to thaw in the fridge for Friday's dinner. So as I drive home on Friday, I'm thinking of fried chicken, and then realizing there is no chicken, and then contemplating Skittles for dinner. I ultimately went with oatmeal, but it has really messed up my meals today, when I was supposed to eat the leftovers. And since basically all I had left in my fridge was bacon and hot dogs, I had a very fatty day today. Oops again. But learn from it and move on, I say. And yet I still haven't learned that I need to keep emergency dinner ideas around. Sigh.

Did I mention I am a yoga rock star? Also a 5K Training rock star? Because I am. My 5K training this week was damn hard: 2 miles Sunday at 1 min jog, 4 min walk intervals; 1.5 miles Tuesday and Thursday at 1 min, 30 secs jog, 3 min 30 secs walk. Tuesday and Thursday were hard. I think a minute and thirty seconds is the longest I've ever run in my adult life, I kid you not. And I had to do it 4 times in less than 25 minutes? It was rough, but I did it, and I'm feeling super proud of myself for that. Of course, next week I'm up to 2 minutes jogging, so we'll see how that goes.

Now yoga. Yoga all-star right here, y'all. I get an A+ for this. I set a goal to do yoga 2 days this week, and I did it twice as many times. Thirty minutes on Monday, 20 minutes on Tuesday, 20 minutes on Wednesday, and 40 minutes today. That's 4 times!! For a total of 110 minutes, when my goal was only 40-70 minutes. Seriously, I win right now.

After Ground Beef-Gate (which I supposed is still better than Red-Vine Gate...or is it?), I was again worried about my weight. I feel like even though I'm eating mostly healthy foods, and I'm staying within my calorie goal range on Spark People (and most of my other nutrients too), I'm still eating too much. And I think part of that is that I'm never hungry anymore. I used to always be hungry because I only ate once a day, and pigged out as much as I could at that one meal. I'm not used to always being full/satisfied, and I feel like I should be starving, because that's what weight loss was like in the past when I was trying to lose weight and still eat all junk. But for now, being full all the time is working, because I am down another pound to 231.9. I so badly want to see 229 next week, but I'm not going to push it. I just have to do the best I can, and let my body do the best it can.