April 30, 2016

Day Eleven: The First Weigh-In and Week In Review

It's Saturday! It's Caturday! It's Weigh-In Day! Wait, why am I excited about that last one? Here's a look at how my week went, and, of course, my weigh-in.

I strayed from my meal plan this week, especially on Wednesday when the smoke filled the room, literally. I switched some meals around. I found some new favorites, I found some things I'll never make again. I didn't exactly stay gluten-free, but I did manage dairy-free-except-butter. But all-in-all I did pretty well. I didn't go bananas with anything, I didn't act on my never-ending cravings for Red Vines (should I change the blog name to Go Red Vines? I am obsessed lately). I came in under my SparkPeople calorie goal everyday. So all-in-all, a pretty good week. I only want to work on evening out my nutrients, because right now I'm eating more fat than anything else. And I know some people say fat is good, but I just can't wrap my head around eating more fat to lose fat, you know?

I stuck to my workout plan for the week, yay me! Granted, it was a measly 3 miles to walk over 3 days, so it's not like I climbed Everest or anything. But that's two weeks in a row I have stuck to my plans. And each day I walked my mile, I got a little bit faster. I have a 5K race in 5 weeks, and I want to do be prepared to do my best. I'm almost scared to add any other exercise other than 3 days of walking, because I don't want to detract from training for the race. That's my fitness goal for now, so that's where I want my focus to be.

Am I up? Am I down? I don't know! That's how I felt all week, because I've been so bloated (thank you, lady time!). But the moment of truth is here, and this week's weight is: 234.1. That is down 3.6 pounds from last week! High five, self!